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Oct 15

When your alarm goes off to get up for 6 a.m. WOD…

Oct 2

When you just can’t post WOD…

Sep 24

When your WOD swolemate moves to another box and you hardly see them anymore…


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Sep 22

When you think something is seriously wrong with you when after weeks of practicing a skill you still can’t PR…

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When it’s a sprinting WOD….

What you think you look like:

14 Things All Coffee Lovers Should Know

What you actually look like:

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Sep 17

When I try to overthink my WOD plan too much…


Sep 15

When the doctor tells you you can’t workout for a week…

sad animated GIF

When you know you’re awesome at all the skills in the WOD…

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Sep 13

When class is overly crowded with newbies…

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Sep 9

When you’re forced to go to a class you normally don’t go to…

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